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I feel super happy to have been a part of the third installation of TEDxUofM's Music For Ideas compilation. The first song, Dreamcatcher Eyes, I actually worked on for about four years. It has always felt like the one thing hanging over my head that I needed to finish to move on. It's finally done and I'm so happy I got the chance to present it as a part of this event. I also want to apologize to all my friends for the many years of "Sorry, I can't go to the party," due to this song (Friends: I can now go to the party).

Listen below, or download the whole thing here.

dreamcatcher eyes

in sultry light
urban dawns and separate skin
we'll shed a void
so sick and cross our love could end

but mom's warm love
still smiles to you through crayon moons
in apartment rooms
i'll be the yellow light in which we bloom

grow your bones
all in the morning dust
and float them home
with rustling worms and ringworm

/ / / 
Josh Bay - all sound and voice

Graham Sefton - percussion

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