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40 Days of Teeth

40 Days of Teeth is a reaction to Franz Kafka's "Ein Hungerkünstler - A Hunger Artist" presenting nine female dancers in collaboration with Ann Arbor composers: Samn Johnson, Our Brother The Native, and myself/Known Moons. This is a free performance which will be set in a warehouse space on Main Street in Ann Arbor (the same space that was used for SHADOW/SHADOW).
One of the things that we learned from Shadow/Shadow was the costs and expense of renting a warehouse space, insuring it, and preparing it for performance, etc. -- so we're reaching out with our friends to help.  I don't think we'd be reaching out for money and support it unless we all believed that it is going towards something worthwhile, so please consider making a contribution of support if you agree that a free event like this should be able to exist in Ann Arbor.    

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