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_GRL MTN - aaural ii

Some new things are afoot. In the meantime I'm working to archive the makings and happenings from one of the most productive yet undocumented summers for me. Here is the piece I contributed for GRL MTN's Aaural II compilation:
The structures の 様 child.

In the blood, in the ghost winds blow

In the rank, in the silent rest
In the saint and the sickness, love.
I do not,
I do not want it.

And what was your intent?

Did you find what you had left?

In the stars, in the blood we know

In our hearts, in a golden dream
In the car, in the city wall
We will not be found.

In light upon the floor,

did we find this world in love?
/ / /

Josh Bay - Voice, Bowed Guitar, Percussion, Shortwave Radio

Maggie Hopp - Voice, Harmonium
Nate Caruss - Percussion, Structure
Mark Buckner - Tambourine
John Bohn - Improvised Spoken Prose

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