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Dark Water Vajra Tape

Known Moons: Dark Water Vajra
C-20 Cassette
Edition of 48

Finally! So here is the first ever release of songs since I've started making music under the name known moons!  This is an experiment at a style of orchestration where I took songs I wrote acoustically and orchestrated them to the style of tapes that I brought back from India during my study abroad last year. An archival recording of Aunt Molly Jackson somehow found it's way into the piece and there it stayed.  
I spent some time crafting these songs, so if you do check it out I really hope they are able to mean something to you! 

There are ~4 songs on the tape, and I included a 
different unlisted song as a last track on each tape.  
Here's a short preview of two songs:

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    ill buy it

  2. I'm actually buying two(1 for me 1 for my buddy) can you do me a huge favor and make sure that unlisted song on each is different? we wanna hear it all. Thanks! - Jacob

  3. Definitely Jacob! And thanks! I'll try to send you an 11x17 print of the artwork as well if packaging constraints allow. You'll have copies #1 and #2.

  4. I LOVE this!

  5. Is it possible to get an embed code so I can put it on my blog and plug you please?

  6. Sincere thanks for the interest & support. And definitely, here is the embed code:

  7. Looks like blogger didn't read the html as text the first time.
    This should work:

    <embed height="27" quality="best" src=";color=FFFFFF" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="210"></embed>