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^Relevant message from ecco the dolphin.

So I've been taking my photos to Arbor Photo Lab since I started taking pictures last summer. Last time when I drove there to develop the summer rolls (the pictures below), the store was empty and white and all the 'Arbor Photo Lab' signs were gone - Arbor Photo Lab is apparently out of business.

This is a pretty sad thing I think. They were one of the last (possibly the last) color development labs run locally in Ann Arbor (though there are still a few others within Washtenaw county) and were always really supportive and interested in whatever you were doing. I definitely miss this place and the people there a ton.

unrelated tape:

Mike Berst - Moscow Nights

Mike Berst - "Those were the days" cassette, recorded in Ann Arbor, released in 1989, cover photos are from a May 1976 show at Greenfield Village.

This is a tape I found thrifting a month or so ago, it is comprised of pieces played on hammered dulcimer with guitar accompaniment. To me, all of the songs have the pleasant and eerie quality of coming from the world of dusty snow globes & the twinkling music that comes from them when you crank the key on the bottom.

You can download the tape here:

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