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Himalayan Bells Tape

Karma Moffett - The Way To Potala (excerpt)

I found this Himalayan Bells cassette while thrifting at Kiwanis the other week and finally checked it out while driving with my friend Laura to work on projects. I'll save you the review except to say that we thought it was really amazing and if you're at all interested you should probably skip the 2-minute preview above and just check it out next time you are driving at night. You can download the tape here:

It looks like the tape was put out by a Tibet Shop in San Francisco California for some time between 1980-1984 and was distributed through yoga & new age magazines at the time. I found a few 80's yoga / new age magazines that featured the cassette in cassette mail-order advertisements called "The Ecstacy of Inner Space", which turned out to be gems in themselves to read through. The link to one of which (december 1982 issue) is here:

Here's the review they had for the Himalayan Bells cassette:

The magazines were also filled with gems like this: