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Recently started playing underwater pop songs with Olivia Vander Tuig under the title babydown (almost went with "broken up"). Some photos by Jesse Wetzel from babydown's first show above. We released a tape that has some of our first songs as well as live recordings from our first show. Only made a handful and we just have a few copies left, but just holler if you want one.

Life Like Fest

Life Like Fest on April 12th was sweet and this video was just put up from it. Definitely a fun show - my looper malfunctions in the clip, but maybe it was just trying to tell me that I should do more a capella?



I feel super happy to have been a part of the third installation of TEDxUofM's Music For Ideas compilation. The first song, Dreamcatcher Eyes, I actually worked on for about four years. It has always felt like the one thing hanging over my head that I needed to finish to move on. It's finally done and I'm so happy I got the chance to present it as a part of this event. I also want to apologize to all my friends for the many years of "Sorry, I can't go to the party," due to this song (Friends: I can now go to the party).

Listen below, or download the whole thing here.


An event being put on by one of my favorite labels in lyfe - should be amazing!